SooFayth Spotlights…

SooFayth Productions LLC is all about entrepreneurship . Today SooFayth puts the spotlight on Jobim Clothing, whose products were featured in the SooFayth Productions LLC commercial photography launch ad.

Jobim Clothing established by Mrs. Chanda Okafor, is a clothing line exhibiting Chanda’s love of the Ankara printed fabrics of her Nigerian heritage. Chanda got the idea to develop Jobim Clothing from her experiences of hand picking Ankara fabrics during her market visits on the streets of Nigeria, to get custom made attire with the prints she would purchase. Desiring to share this passion with others Chanda decided to develop an American based company that allows her to continue to travel to Nigeria and hand pick the fabrics and jewelry from the markets across Nigeria, and then share them with her fellow Ankara print aficionados. “There’s no real science behind choosing each one (fabrics). Once I’m in the market and see the hundreds of options, whatever catches my eye, or is currently trending must be a part of the Jobim Clothing collection.”

When you shop Jobim clothing you can expect the exposure to the various items including: Ankara fabrics, satin lined head wraps, jewelry, gele, Ankara sweatshirts and as Chanda puts it “and plenty more to come.”  The Jobim Collection will be releasing its spring collection on April 8th, so stay tuned and go shop Jobim at You can also follow Jobim Clothing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and to sign-up for the email exclusives you can go to

Why not bring in Spring wearing Jobim Clothing!